Assurance and Business Advisory

The firm provides specialist services to companies from private enterprise to non-profit organization, to joint ventures between Chinese companies and foreign firms. We advise a wide range of businesses in areas such as merger, acquisition and listings, import and export and real estate.

Credible financial information is fundamental to establishing the confidence of and access to capital markets. An audit underpins credible financial information. This is the value of an audit. Recent events, however, mean that audits cannot be perceived as being routine, annual exercises merely required by statute. Stakeholders require responsible and objective judgements from independent auditors.

A deep knowledge of business, business risks, financial reporting principles and regulatory requirements, as well an understanding of complex business systems, processes and controls is also important. Moreover, auditors’ judgements must be rooted in professional integrity as well as an in-depth understanding of each client’s industry value drivers, competitive positioning and marketplace practice.

  • Conduct statutory audit
  • Evaluate capital effectiveness
  • Conduct annual inspections on clients’ accounting and management systems
  • Evaluate judicial compliance for state-own enterprises
  • Generate reports and financial statements related to merger and disposal, acquisition, listing, litigation and pension fund
  • Conduct economic responsibility and efficiency study